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Investment Focus



We want to invest in a lower-middle market company with a track record of growth. Since our objective is to preserve your legacy and invest in profitable growth over the long-term, we are seeking owners with a desire to partner with us in this process.

At Bondcliff Partners, we believe there are fundamental qualities of a business that position it to be successful over a long-term. While no one company has all of these characteristics, we are looking for stability on a number of dimensions. To further illustrate, several of the most important attributes on which we focus when evaluating a business are listed below.


Non-cyclical with
strong demand drivers

Stable pricing and margin dynamics

Fragmented competitive landscape

Significant barriers to entry

Low risk of technological or
regulatory disruption


Business-to-business product or
service offerings

Maintaining or gaining share in its market

Outstanding, differentiated
customer feedback

Low customer concentration

Strong, reputable management


Revenues of $5-50M with a base of recurring contracts and low customer concentration

Strong historical and projected

top-line growth

Stable and healthy gross margins

with $1-10M in EBITDA

Low capital intensity

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